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Sarasota County
Democratic Party

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Coral Cove Mall
Sarasota, FL
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President Obama Visits Florida - Declares Start of New Clean Energy Economy

President Barack Obama visited the Sunshine State this week to roll out his policy vision for a clean, renewable energy program and vowed to give American consumers access to the source via a “smart grid” delivery system he likened to the nation’s interstate highway program. His visit coincided with the grand opening of the country’s largest solar array recently installed in Arcadia by FP&L. The array is expected to provide enough power to serve more than 3,000 area homes. State Representative Keith Fitzgerald had a front row seat to the history-making event and Sarasota County Democratic Party Chair Rita Ferrandino accompanied him. According to Representative Fitzgerald, the President’s promised recovery package of $3.4 billion in grants to develop the new delivery system amounts to more than a quick fix. “This will produce long term benefits for Florida and our nation ranging from greater national security to high-wage jobs and an ongoing annuity that will help stabilize and rebuild our state’s decimated economy.”

After the ceremony, Rep. Fitzgerald and Chairwoman Ferrandino were invited to ABC7’s studio in downtown Sarasota for an interview with Anchor Linda Carson. Ferrandino added that the significance of the day will help energize Democrats to be even more vigilant assisting Rep. Fitzgerald’s leadership efforts to secure policy measures that will stimulate greater alternative energy development and independence from foreign oil and fossil fuels.

SCDP Chair Rita Ferrandino, US Representative Kathy Castor,
FL State Representative Keith Fitzgerald

President Obama and Keith Fitzgerald

President Obama and the FPL Solar Array

Interview with ABC7 anchor Linda Carson - See the remarks here

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