Save the Celery Fields!

What to expect if we don’t take action:

          • Noise! The facility will be permitted to CRUSH CONCRETE 6 days a week from 7 am to 5 pm. If you’ve never heard the machines that do this, they are loud!
          • Pollution! Get ready for 35-foot piles of heavy construction materials, yard waste and miscellaneous debris blowing into the air and leaching into our groundwater. There will also be towering smoke stacks.
          • Traffic! They estimate up to 100 trucks daily will be dropping off construction waste from around the county. Palmer Blvd. is NOT going to support this kind of heavy additional congestion without seriously degrading the quality of life for all living things around it.
          • Property values! People have invested heavily in their homes around this beautiful park and pay their fair share of property taxes. This is NOT the right place to build this facility!


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Tim Kaine Cocktail Fundraiser at the Francis

Friends of Tim Kaine (Host committee in formation) Invite you to a cocktail reception honoring Senator Tim Kaine Suggested Contribution Chair: $5,400 Host: $2,700 Co-host: $1,000 Sponsor: $500 Friend: $250 Please see the attached flyers for complete information:
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