Keep Guns Out of Public Places


The Fort Lauderdale airport shooting should be a wake-up call. We must keep guns out of public places like airports. But Greg Steube – our state senator – is pushing his bill, SB140, to do the opposite. It would allow the open carry of weapons almost everywhere, including airports, schools, and college campuses.

Call Sen. Greg Steube and his committee members today and tell them to vote NO on SB 140 (phone #’s below). This bill would put us all at risk, and threaten the lives of our children, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Imagine in all the chaos at the airport, if 5 or 10 open-carry enthusiasts had also started shooting with their guns. How would anyone – the innocent victims, the shooters, or the police – know where to run and who were the good guys or the bad guys? To think more guns in a situation like that would make us safer is a fantasy – like something out of an old Western.

Call Greg Steube and his committee members today. Tell them to stop SB140 and this horrific plan to allow weapons to be openly carried almost everywhere.

Make it personal, describe your fear for your child, your husband / wife / significant other, yourself. Tell them these bills put us all at risk. Ask them to vote NO on SB140! And leave a message if there’s no answer.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (call as many as you can):

Senator Greg Steube (R) – Chair (941) 342-9162
Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto (R) (239) 338-2570
Senator Randolph Bracy (D) (407) 656-6716
Senator Anitere Flores (R) (305) 270-6550
Senator Rene Garcia (R) (305) 364-3100
Senator Audrey Gibson (D) (904) 359-2553
Senator Debbie Mayfield (R) (321) 409-2025
Senator Bobby Powell (D) (561) 650-6880
Senator Perry E. Thurston, Jr. (D) (954) 321-2705

Thank you,
JoAnne DeVries
Chair, Sarasota County Democratic Party