Sarasota County Democratic Party Resolution on President Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban

Whereas, the Sarasota County Democratic Party unequivocally repudiates the actions of the Trump administration in banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, and we call upon President Trump to rescind his January 27 Executive Order immediately. This ban targeting specific Muslim-majority countries is illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, un-American, and unacceptable. We must not allow fear, and fear mongering, to distort our moral compass.

Whereas, this ill-considered Executive Order has caused chaos within Homeland Security and has severely impacted the lives of countless thousands of individuals and families of both legal residents and already carefully vetted refugees. Further, it has caused consternation and condemnation among the international community toward the United States, and, by all accounts, empowers radical jihadists, incites retaliation, and actually makes us less safe.

Whereas, America must continue to stand as a beacon of freedom and provide safe haven to victims of persecution as we have done since our founding.  We must fight terrorism without ascribing radical Islamic terrorist views to all Muslims. All Americans of all colors, ages, races, and religions must speak out against this ban. We are a people, indivisible, and must continue to stand for liberty and justice for all. 

Therefore, the Sarasota County Democratic Party calls upon President Trump to rescind this Executive Order immediately. Barring such immediate action, we call upon our courts to intervene to permanently enjoin enforcement of this order.


Approved unanimously by the Sarasota County Democratic Executive Committee
February 8, 2017