We did it! Or better yet, YOU did it – ACA

Fellow Democrats,

We did it! Or better yet, YOU did it: Against all odds, YOU forced the Republicans to withdraw their disastrous, morally bankrupt health-care bill from consideration, rendering a humiliating defeat to the Trump White House and the Ryan-controlled House.

Thankfully, your relentless efforts kept the President and Republican held Congress from passing this horrific bill that would have removed about 24 million people from health care. Now millions of Americans won’t be thrown off the insurance they had gained under President Obama and millions more won’t lose their Medicaid benefits. Let’s hope this is only the beginning of a multitude of defeats for Trump.

Making phone calls, sending letters and emails, attending meetings, reaching out to friends and neighbors, holding demonstrations, demanding town halls with Reps. Vern Buchanan and Tom Rooney, showing up in huge numbers, and peppering them with sharp, smart questions all mattered. YOUR involvement makes a difference.

We ask you to draw strength from this victory for the ordinary, extraordinary people of this country and continue working with us as we strive to highlight and defeat the backward-looking, draconian agenda of the Trump administration and the GOP.  Please stay active and contact the SCDP to find out what more you can do. Your continued involvement is key.

Thanks to all who have shared their ideas and experiences with us. Don’t stop! Keep talking about politics and effective action. We must continue to rise up and fight back together – for our community, our country and our future. Please join us as we move forward in Sarasota County.

Again, thank you.

JoAnne Devries
Chair, Sarasota County Democratic Party
Call us if we can help: 941-330-9400