Big Push for Saturday Door Knocking for Margaret Good Campaign!

Calling all CANVASSERS!

Do you want Margaret Good to win in HD72?   

Do you enjoy long walks on a cool day?

Was your New Year’s resolution a commitment to get healthy?

…All of the above?  


Then  boy do we have just the thing for you!
This is going to be fun!!


Canvassing​ door-to-door​ is the most effective way to turn out the vote. This race will be won likely with 1% margin–likely under 1,000 votes. Needless to say, doors will win the day. 

Last time we went out, we received phenomenal reception.  Let’s keep it going! We have excellent momentum with Virginia win, New Jersey win, St. Pete Mayor, State Senate in Miami special election, and Doug Jones. Let’s add Margaret Good to that list!

GOAL: 20 Packets (40 people needed for 600 doors in critical precincts) Meet-up time/location TBD, but tentatively around 10am on Saturday, January 6th around Webber St.
For more information, contact Gabriel Hament at


To learn more about Margaret Good, this election and voting, click here:


2 thoughts on “Big Push for Saturday Door Knocking for Margaret Good Campaign!

  1. Gary Morgan January 2, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    I am interested but I would like to know more because I’ve never done that before. Would we be knocking on the doors of Democrats, or just every house in a neighborhood. Will we have a prepared talk? I’m concerned about knocking on the doors of nasty tea party people.

    • Sarasota County Dems January 3, 2018 at 2:50 pm

      Hi Gary. Great question!

      The walk packets are created to avoid that sort of thing. Each packet will target certain neighborhoods and then be filtered by demographics. Our focus will be on speaking with Democrats. It’s possible that NPAs will be included, but they will have been filtered as well to try to avoid any hostile interactions.

      Hope we see you there!


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