The Sarasota County Democratic Party Democratic Executive Committee has voted to recommend a YES vote on the November 2018 Bond Referendum to support the extension of the Legacy Trail.

Whereas The Legacy Trail is an internationally recognized non-motorized recreational trail, utilized by more than 225,000 users annually, and recently named as the No. 1 bike trail on Florida’s Gulf Coast (http://heraldtribune.com/entertainmentlife/20180620/play-top-10-bikerides-in-southwest-florida)

Whereas The Legacy Trail extension and its included bridge crossings at Clark and Bee Ridge Roads will improve safety conditions for walkers, runners, cyclists and even drivers by providing safer routes to commute and enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

Whereas The Legacy Trail extension will connect Sarasota, North Port and Venice with a closeto-home opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to exercise and experience nature.

Whereas The Legacy Trail extension will provide significant economic benefits to the county and promote healthy lifestyles for residents and visitors.

Whereas The Legacy Trail referendum funds can only be used for the extension, its amenities, and connectors.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Sarasota County Democratic Party Recommends a YES vote on the below Bond Referendum which will appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot: SARASOTA COUNTY LEGACY TRAIL EXTENSION WITH ENHANCED SAFETY AND CONNECTIONS GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS

To acquire and improve the Legacy Trail Extension railroad corridor as a safe trail for walking, running, and cycling with enhanced connectivity from North Port through Venice to downtown Sarasota, with additional improvements including safe crossings, overpasses, amenities, and increased accessibility, shall Sarasota County issue General Obligation bonds, not exceeding the maximum lawful interest rates, maturing within 20 years from each issuance, not exceeding $65 million payable from ad valorem taxes restricted to these purposes?