Katherine Norman – FL Senate

Website: www.katherinenorman2020.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KatherineNorman2020/
Donate: https://donorbox.org/katherine-norman-for-state-senate

The political process needs to be made available to everyone.
For too long politics has been divisive, overwhelming, and deliberated complicated – precluding people from being involved with legislation and government policy that affects their interests.
It is my intention to bring transparency to all aspects of government and make sure that all people who want to be involved with policy creation have a voice, and that all are represented.
It is time for real representation, comprised of transparent, dedicated individuals that come from diverse backgrounds and demographics. Our governmental officials must prioritize the welfare of all individuals and especially those that are the least advantaged, who often those that are the most underserved.
Our entire society will benefit in ways we can’t even conceive of under our current leadership if we can work together to make immediate and necessary drastic changes for the benefit of our planet, our wildlife, and our citizens.
Thank you for learning more about me. More details about my platform and campaign to be released on my website – KatherineNorman2020.com.
Let’s do this!