David Fairey – HD73

Website: www.fairey2020.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DavidforFL/
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I am first and foremost a father and husband. I am a hopeful, yet pragmatic advocate for real, paradigm-shifting change. I am an unwavering fighter for what I believe in and value, and I will fight for the benefit of all people, not just the privileged few.

I was born and raised in Tennessee, and have been here in Bradenton, Florida for the past 8 years.

I have four amazing children and a strong, beautiful wife.  My children talked me into three dogs, two leopard geckos, a pac-man frog, and a hamster named Pumpkin.

Professionally, I am a CPA and hold a master’s degree in business administration and accounting. I currently serve as the CFO for a technology company in Sarasota. Before coming to Florida, I spent years working internationally in other corporate finance and advisory roles in manufacturing and healthcare.

Personally, I am an avid runner and endurance sport enthusiast. When not out on a long, grueling Florida run, I can usually be found goofing off with my wife and kids, doing everything from pumping our baby’s Instagram, playing video games, and helping them train for their sports.

I believe in speaking directly and plainly about where I stand and what I think. Those seeking public office must hold the public trust and have a duty to be not only honest, but clear. I have always been an outspoken, unapologetic and, passionate advocate for what I value. I am not afraid, intimidated, or dissuaded by the size and force of any opposition. I believe we have to duty to stand up and fight passionately for what is good and right. I also have no patience for bad-faith arguments and recycled, baseless punditry. My values inform me as to the policies I espouse and the party to which I belong, not the other way around.

At my core, I believe and trust in the foundational values of America. I believe government and its institutions can and should be forces for good. Government should always be in an unrelenting pursuit to earn and keep the public trust and confidence. Good government should seek to provide the greatest value to us, the people. It should improve our communities and protect and secure our individual and collective life, liberty, equality, justice, and peace.