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Why Am I Running?

The basic duty of government is to respect and protect the rights and future of the individual citizen.

I’ve made a career out of standing up to governments and large corporations based on that principle. While serving on local neighborhood associations, I’ve witnessed the high price that many neighborhoods have paid for neglectful government. The same is true for us here in House District 72.

I know this district because I’ve lived here for decades. My friends live here and span neighborhoods North to South from The Oaks and Vamo, to Gulf Gate, Siesta Key, Arlington Park and The Meadows. Much like our district, my friends come from many different backgrounds. They are Democrats, Republicans, Independents and people who have given up on the system entirely. I share my table with those who practice many faiths and those with none at all.

Like many of you, I’ve had my throat burned by Red Tide, been frustrated by the traffic congestion, worried about the water flowing from my kitchen faucet and watched as the best school system in Florida has been undermined by for-profit education companies and special interests.

And like many of you, I am dismayed at the recent lack of civility and compromise in government, replaced instead by suspicion and division. The outcome is gridlock and a disservice to us all.

When elected, I will have only one analysis: Will this decision make my neighbors’ lives better, or worse? I will work with my colleagues, regardless of party affiliation, to protect our district’s interests, environment and economy and ensure that all of our voices are heard. I firmly believe that there is far more that unites us than divides us, both as human beings and as a community, and it is with that principle that I intend to lead District 72.