Lisa Stortstrom – HD74


What starts upstream, flows downstream. What one animal does affects others. Humans are the top of the food chain. Floridians are looking around and seeing the results of Republicans’ poor decisions of the past decades. Clearly, its time for change.

Lisa Stortstrom has taught in schools of all types and with students of all ages and learning styles. She works with people with special needs increasing learning skills, movement, and purpose.  She is running to represent the environment and citizens of South Sarasota County. Miss Stortstrom  shared with students that ecosystems are interdependent. People must live in balance with the land, air, water., plants, and animals.  Every decision is important. We are seeing that pollution upstream means pollution downstream.The elderly and more fragile become ill first. Then, we feel it. Our children are also becoming ill.  74 needs Lisa! Lisa will not take donations from polluting industries and from developers that overdevelop. 

We must repair ancient infrastructure built many decades ago for a much smaller population. We need advanced wastewater treatment systems. We must assist nature in recovering  from unhealthy industrial practices, discharges, and climate change. We must revere nature and work in tandem with it.

We must make government work for all of the people for economic vitality, health care, and basic human rights. Workers of all backgrounds,  LGBTQ+ and every other population, and the environment in which we all live, deserve representation. Lisa Stortstrom will work for Florida’s State House District 74.