2020 Candidate Petitions – Sign them all!

Registered voters:
Click, Print, and Sign the petitions for each Democratic candidate you’re able to, then mail it (address on petition) to their campaign ASAP to get them on the ballot.

Per a ruling April 2nd by the Florida Division of Elections, completed petitions can be scanned and emailed to candidates, in addition to sending petitions by mail.

Petitions must be turned into the SOE (by the candidate) before May 11th. There’s no time to waste!

*To check your current voter registration information (that the SOE currently has on file), click HERE.  Then find your districts based on the address shown on file HERE. Contact us if you need help or to make alternative arrangements for sending the petitions: SCDP HQ  *Make sure highlighted areas are filled and signature is clear and matches registration/driver’s license

FL House

District 70

(*Must be a registered District 70 voter to sign)

Keisha Bell Email: BellforFlorida@gmail.com
Mark Oliver Email: mo@markforflorida.com
Michele Rayner  Email : info@micheleforflorida.com

District 72

(*Must be a registered District 72 voter to sign)

Drake Buckman Email: campaign@buckmanforfl.com

District 73

(*Must be a registered District 73 voter to sign)

David Fairey  Email:  david@fairey2020.com

County Commission

(*All Sarasota County registered voters may sign)

Fredd Atkins – District 1 – Already Qualified
Mark Pienkos – District 1 Email: markpienkos2012@gmail.com
Cory Hutchinson – District 3 Email: coryhutchinson@outlook.com
Alice White – District 5 – Already Qualified

County School Board

(*All Sarasota County registered voters may sign)

David Graham – District 2  Email: electdavidagraham@gmail.com
Tom Edwards – District 3  Email: electtomedwards@gmail.com

City Commission – Sarasota

(*Must be a registered Sarasota City, District 2 voter to sign)

Liz Alpert – District 2  Email: Liz@votelizalpert.com


We need the BEST Democratic candidates we’ve got in November and that means giving all of them the opportunity to earn our votes.  Democracy works best when it works for us all. We must all vote for our favored candidates come election day, but today let’s work together to make sure we have a stacked deck of GREAT Democrats to choose from!