Thomas Edwards- School Board District 3


These are unprecedented times for our public schools. It is NOT the time for “business as usual”.

Most likely, online learning will become a permanent part of our educational systems and will present new challenges to students, teachers and administrators alike. These services must be effectively, efficiently, and fairly provided to all of our students. Our teachers and staff must receive the support they need through this difficult transition and beyond. The School Board should be fully engaged in supporting their efforts.

The economic downturn will almost certainly impact school funding sources. We must be proactive and plan for what this may mean.

We need a School Board focused on educational outcomes, and not on political in-fighting. And we need board members with the problem-solving skills, business acumen, and energy to help steer our public schools through these uncharted waters.

That is why I have decided to run for Sarasota County School Board.

My career was based on the education I received in public schools. A self-starter, I have built two successful businesses and have worked with elected officials at the state level as a non-partisan advocate for small business.

One of my businesses was a recruiting and placement firm, so I am well-versed in staffing and employee retention issues. We also designed virtual offices, so this gave me insights into the challenges and opportunities that working remotely entails. The experience of having a business severely impacted by 9/11 has taught me to value flexibility and thinking out-of-the-box for solutions. These are critical skills I will bring to the School Board.

I also know the value of finding common ground and working cooperatively to allow everyone involved to contribute to a shared success. My experience working with state legislators will help me be an effective advocate for our public schools at all levels of government.

I would be grateful for your consideration and support.