What’s It Going to Be for Florida in 2021?

Do You Know …
How Many Floridians Have No Health Insurance?

The Kaiser Family Foundation’s recent study tells us nearly 1.1 million people in Florida do not get insurance through work, cannot afford coverage, and are too young for Medicare. That means 5% of our neighbors — have no health insurance smack in the middle of a pandemic! That’s 1 out of every 20 people. Which ones among the twenty do you encounter on a daily basis?

Most likely they are the people who are putting their lives at risk so we can have groceries. Or the servers at our favorite restaurant. Likely they are among the cook staff at that same restaurant. How many of the landscapers who care for our lawns, or the construction workers who built out our community do you think are among those with no health insurance?

Medicaid Coverage Gap

Too many Floridians are in a medical insurance gap – their employer does not provide insurance, their family of three makes as little as $6,924, and does not earn enough to qualify for ACA subsidies. They are families whose income is more than 31% of Federal Poverty Level – too high for Medicaid; but not enough to purchase on the ACA marketplace or private insurance.

For these Floridians, 2020 feels more like 1843 — the time Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol. Just like Bob Cratchit, they work or seek work to support their families. If Florida was a character in Dickens’ story, Florida would most closely resemble Jacob Marley, or even Scrooge himself. The question is — will Florida this year choose insensitivity and avarice or, will the State choose empathy and assistance?

2021 is the year, Florida. You can help the 1.1 million Floridians who would benefit from Medicaid Expansion — all while bringing better fiscal management to Florida State. Or you can turn a blind eye to their distress and put politics above humanity – and above fiscal responsibility.

Medicaid Expansion would provide significant relief to Florida’s state budget. Researchers project state general revenue savings in the range of $198.9 million annually to $385 million over a five year period.

Medicaid Expansion would cover 1.1 million who earn less than $18,000 / year and do not have access to health insurance, at almost no cost to the State of Florida. In fact, 90% of the cost would be covered by the Federal government.

In 2018, Floridians paid $206 billion dollars to the Federal government in taxes, and a lot of that money went to other states to pay for Medicaid. Medicaid Expansion would bring more of our own money back to Florida to help Floridians, to keep more rural hospitals open, generate more good paying healthcare jobs, and free up close to $400 million dollars in State resources.

Tell your legislators 2021 is the year to adopt Medicaid Expansion.