Senator Taddeo Visits Sarasota County

Senator Annette Taddeo joined the Sarasota Democratic community for a February 11 event that kicked off the third weekend of her 67 County Believe Tour that will take her to every corner of the state. She believes that a governor of Florida needs to represent every part of this state and the best way for her to do that is for her to be physically present in every county and meet the voters in their communities. Senator Taddeo delivered her remarks to a crowd of about 25 people including School Board member Shirley Brown.

From Senator Annette Taddeo’s speech in Sarasota County
“We are going to all 67 counties in the spirit of Lawton Chiles. We are making sure that we go everywhere. Red areas, blue areas, purple areas, any area – we want to make sure we go after every vote. You know, in some of these places we’ve visited, and we just started a few weeks ago, they haven’t had a Democrat visit in two generations which is unforgivable because every vote matters.”

About Senator Annette Taddeo

Annette is the daughter of an American WWII fighter pilot who gave her that true fighting spirit. As a child, Annette underwent nineteen major surgeries to correct a cleft lip. When she was seventeen, she was forced to flee her home in Colombia where a Marxist terrorist group, funded by the Cuban regime, kidnapped her father. After living and working her way through college waiting tables in Alabama, Taddeo moved to Miami in the wake of Hurricane Andrew to help her parents. It was during those difficult months living in a motor home that she started her own business at the age of twenty-two.

As a working mom, Annette lives in Miami with her husband Dr. Eric Goldstein, and daughter Sofia, a student in public schools — Living her American dream as a small business owner and State Senator for the Miami-Dade area.