Democratic Public Education Caucus of Manasota

The mission of the Democratic Public Education Caucus of Manasota :

  • To support public education which is under attack
  • To support and elect our school board candidates
  • To stay on top of education legislation in Tallahassee and work with our Democratic legislators
  • To collaborate with our school board members on important local and state educational issues
  • To help with educational issue messaging for our campaigns
  • To support teachers and teacher unions in their fight for adequate funding, better pay, basic labor rights and academic freedom to teach the truth
  • To engage parents to support pro public education positions
  • Collaborate with and support the Democratic Public Education Caucus of Florida

President: Robin Taub Williams

Vice-President: Carol M. Lerner

Secretary – Treasurer: Martin A. Goldstein

Board Members:
Sue Maloney
George McDermott
Vicki Greenwood

Meeting Schedule:
Third Monday of the Month, 7:30 PM on Zoom
See calendar for details

Facebook Page:

Robin Taub Williams at 609-771-1755 and