Sarasota County Democratic Party Statement on the SHT Proud Boy Guest Editorial

The Sarasota County Democratic Party strongly condemns any efforts to normalize the Proud Boys, their affiliates, and their supporters. The Proud Boys are a neo-fascist, white supremacist organization that promotes and engages in political violence. Five of their leaders have been charged with “seditious conspiracy” for their role in the January 6th insurrection. Dozens of members were charged with offenses stemming from the Capitol attack. They have been banned by FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. While the US doesn’t have an official “domestic terrorist” designation, the FBI has identified their criminal activity as a “domestic terrorist threat.”

The SCDP will not support any candidate, regardless of political party affiliation, that is associated with and supported by the Proud Boys. Anything short of condemnation of their tactics should be seen as a threat to our community, local governing bodies, and elected officials.