Races on the August 23rd Ballot

Candidates for Sarasota County School Board

All voters vote in each of 3 elections for 3 seats. Preserve public education. Elect these highly qualified pro-public school champions.
To learn more: https://youtube.com/shorts/WDeZNKMkqaI?feature=share

NORA CIETEK—District 5 electnora.com

Nora Cietek comes from a lower-middle-class family of 10 children. Her Dad was a school custodian and her Mom was a school bus driver. Nora began her working career as a Teaching Assistant, which inspired her to go to college. She was the first person in her family to get a college degree.

Her 30-year career in public education included; Teaching Special Education, Assistant Principal. Principal, and Assistant Director of Special Education. She earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology while working and raising three children. She describes her life’s work as being the person to make sure other children have the same opportunity she had, to live the American dream.

Nora’s platform: Keeping all schools “A” Rated, ensuring students and teachers have access to mental health services, bridging the gap between parents and schools, and keeping national politics out of education.

LAUREN KURNOV—District 4 laurenkurnov.com

Lauren Kurnov is a Sarasota county native, a graduate of Sarasota county public schools, and her children currently attend public schools in Sarasota County. Lauren has worked in student success at both the University of South Florida,
Sarasota-Manatee and New College. She earned her Doctorate in Education in 2021. The skills she acquired will be at the forefront of her tenure on the school board, as she continues to focus on student success and career readiness.

Lauren’s platform: Positive focus on the success of every school in the county; eliminate the current proxy battle in a culture war currently being fought through our schoolchildren.

DAWNYELLE SINGLETON—District 1 singleton4schoolboard.com

Dawnyelle is a native of Sarasota and a product of the county’s public schools. A true Floridian, she graduated from Florida State University. Dawnyelle also completed classes at Leadership Sarasota and the Gulf Coast Leadership Institute. Through hard work, she learned the value of volunteering and the importance of giving back to the community.

She believes our students deserve to have the resources they need to thrive. All children, teachers and volunteers should feel safe -in their school. Teachers dedicate a great deal of time and energy to help their students toward success; they must also be fairly compensated for the incredible work they do. We, as a community, need to come together to work for the betterment of all children in the school system.

Dawnyelle’s Platform: Committed to funding the resources students need to succeed; support teachers with competitive salaries; work with educators and families to care for the mental health of our students.

State & Federal Democratic Primaries

Independents: Florida is a closed primary state. Register as a Democrat to help choose the best Democratic candidates to represent YOU. Use Elections Office link at end of candidate list.

Democratic Primary for US SENATE

Congresswoman Val Demings valdemings.com

Courage, Convictions, Toughness, Compassion

Val DemingsFrom social work to 27 years in policing, including Chief, and reducing crime in Orlando by 40%, Demings calls “defunding” the police “crazy;” but she holds law enforcement to high standards. Val works hard and does the job: “Democrats NEVER TIRE. People have suffered and people have died. Let’s get this done– protect Social Security,
Medicare and healthcare from the Republican onslaught, support public education, preserve the environment, and defend the sacred right to vote: “We are not going back!”

A tireless champion for public safety, civil rights, and the American Dream for all, Val is a person of power, integrity and courage. Compare and contrast that with shape shifter Marco Rubio and his flabby work ethic, backbone and principles. Harley rider Val has the grit and the guts.

Democratic Primary for FOR GOVERNOR

Rep. Charlie Crist charliecrist.com

Experience, Competence and Civility Working Across the Aisle

Charles Crist“DeSantis is hypocritical: He thinks Florida is the freest state—but apparently not if you’re a woman who would like the right to choose, or LGBTQ and would like not to be harassed at school. Apparently not if you are Black or Brown and want to vote in free and fair elections.”

Crist has deep governing experience, representing the US 13th Congressional District since 2017. He was Governor of Florida from 2007 to 2011. Earlier in his career, Crist was a Republican State Senator, Education Commissioner and Attorney General. In Congress, Crist strongly supports Ukraine, Everglades protection, privacy protection, environmental protection, and aid for domestic violence survivors. Charlie Crist promotes civility and dignity towards all.

Democratic Primary for FOR GOVERNOR

Nikki Fried nikkifried.com , current Secretary of Agriculture/Consumer Affairs

A Lone, Strong Democratic Voice in the Cabinet

Nikki Fried“It’s clear that Gov. Ron DeSantis must be a one-term governor.” The only Democrat in the DeSantis cabinet and only statewide Democrat in office since 2012, Fried has been a strong voice standing up for citizen rights, safety, and democracy. She kicked the NRA out of the weapons licensing process, defends
voting rights, and protects the environment. She is running for Governor to build a state that gives power back to the voters. “I’ve been the only person standing in his road for 3 ½ years; I’ve watched him yell, the nepotism, destroying so many things. When called to action in states of emergency, he didn’t do it. People are tired of divisiveness. Trust me again and we will beat DeSantis.”

State Senator – District 22

Universal Primary
There are times when a “universal primary” contest may appear on a primary ballot. This means that all the candidates in the contest are from the same party and they will face no opposition in the general election. When that happens, all voters, regardless of whether the voter is registered with or without a party affiliation, may vote in that contest. The Sarasota Democratic Party does not support or endorse either candidate; neither candidate represents Democratic values.

Democratic Primary for Board of County Commissioners – District 2

Fredd Atkins freddatkins.com

Hagen Brody hagenbrody.com

Mike Cosentino ilikemikesrq.com


Candidates for Sarasota City Commission

Vote for 2. Run Off on Nov. 8

Jen Ahearn-Koch voteforjen.org

Sheldon Rich  SheldonRichForSarasota.com

Debbie Trice DebbieFortheCity.com


Democratic Primary for Florida Attorney General

Aramis Ayala aramisayala.com

Jim Lewis jimlewis4florida.com

Daniel Uhlfelder danielforag.com


Democratic Primary: Secretary of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs

Naomi Blemur facebook.com/NaomiforFL

J.R. Gaillot jrgaillot.com

Ryan Morales ryanforflorida.com


Universal Primary for Hospital Board

Universal Primary
All Candidates running for Hospital Board are Republicans. There are reasons for concern about some of the other candidates you’ll see on the ballot for Hospital Board. The Board should function in a non-politicized manner.

Hospital Board Central District Seat 2 – Thomas Dart

Hospital Board Northern District Seat 1 – Brad Baker

Southern District Seat 1 – Darryl Henry

Southern District Seat 2 – Gregory Carter

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