Races on the November 8, 2022 Ballot

State & Federal Democratic Candidates


Congresswoman Val Demings valdemings.com

Courage, Convictions, Toughness, Compassion

Val DemingsFrom social work to 27 years in policing, including Chief, and reducing crime in Orlando by 40%, Demings calls “defunding” the police “crazy;” but she holds law enforcement to high standards. Val works hard and does the job: “Democrats NEVER TIRE. People have suffered and people have died. Let’s get this done– protect Social Security,
Medicare and healthcare from the Republican onslaught, support public education, preserve the environment, and defend the sacred right to vote: “We are not going back!”

A tireless champion for public safety, civil rights, and the American Dream for all, Val is a person of power, integrity and courage. Compare and contrast that with shape shifter Marco Rubio and his flabby work ethic, backbone and principles. Harley rider Val has the grit and the guts.


Rep. Charlie Crist charliecrist.com

Experience, Competence and Civility Working Across the Aisle

Charles Crist“DeSantis is hypocritical: He thinks Florida is the freest state—but apparently not if you’re a woman who would like the right to choose, or LGBTQ and would like not to be harassed at school. Apparently not if you are Black or Brown and want to vote in free and fair elections.”

Crist has deep governing experience, representing the US 13th Congressional District since 2017. He was Governor of Florida from 2007 to 2011. Earlier in his career, Crist was a Republican State Senator, Education Commissioner and Attorney General. In Congress, Crist strongly supports Ukraine, Everglades protection, privacy protection, environmental protection, and aid for domestic violence survivors. Charlie Crist promotes civility and dignity towards all.


US House Congressional District 17

Andrea Doria Kale andreadoriakale.com

Critical Thinker * Problem Solver * Truth Teller

Andrea Doria Kale for U.S. Congress FL District 17Andrea Doria Kale has dedicated her life to public service. Born on 10/21/1958 to a working middle class family striving for the American Dream. For 37 years, Andrea Doria worked as a researcher and IT Director for a large not-for-profit funded by the National Institutes of Health. She is continuing her life of public service by running for Congress in the new 17th District serving the communities of Sarasota, Charlotte and Lee Counties.

  • Building Unity Democrats, Republicans, & Independents – Andrea Doria Kale will reach across the aisle in Congress and in the community she represents to build unity around shared values to get the work done in Congress that has been stalled for so long.
  • Public Safety & Public Health – Two important issues for Andrea Doria and the community as someone that worked as a researcher for 37 years she is a critical thinker and has unique solutions for these challenges that face us now in these unprecedented times.
  • Election Security & the Freedom to Vote Act – Andrea Doria has always maintained your right to vote in free, fair, and secure elections is paramount to a healthy nation and our democracy.
  • Caring for Veterans & Seniors – Andrea Doria believes supporting those who wear the uniform is a commitment that unites all Americans – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. As a future member of Congress, and someone that has many family members and friends that have served in all branches of military service both in peace and wartime, I will honor that commitment. Andrea Doria is a supporter and defender of Social Security and Medicare and will do everything she can to help seniors when she serves in Congress.
  • Protecting all Constitutional Freedoms – Amendment IX The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. I pledge to protect all of your rights and freedoms, all of the people’s rights enumerated and not enumerated in the Constitution.

Send me to Congress and I will keep my oath and promise to you, protect the freedoms we have and legislate to get back the freedoms we lost or will lose if you reelect extreme radical self-described Ultra MAGA Conservatives like my opponent Greg Steube obsessed with firearms and only concerned with the Second Amendment. He does not represent the values of the majority of the people of the new 17th Congressional District.


Florida State House District 73

Teacher, Sarasota County Native, and the Freedom Candidate

Derek Reich

Derek Reich for Florida State House District 73

I am a proud public school teacher and Sarasota County native. I was born and raised in Sarasota County. I live in Venice and teach 12th grade Government and Economics at a high school in Sarasota. I decided to run after our State Representative, Fiona McFarland, voted to cut $12 million from Sarasota County Schools in Florida’s record House budget. What Representative goes to Tallahassee and votes to take away funding from their own community’s children? That vote, that is why I decided to run.

I am the Freedom Candidate in this race. Freedom for women to control their bodies, not politicians. Freedom for our children to read books in school.

In Tallahassee, I will fight for public school funding to ensure that there is a teacher in every classroom and a bus driver for every route. I will fight to preserve our environment. I won’t wait for the next environmental disaster before acting, I will go to Tallahassee and prevent it. I will fight to restore the 20% CNA care time our seniors living in nursing homes lost this year thanks to Tallahassee politicians. I will fight to protect a woman’s freedom to control her own body in this state. Finally, I will fight to ensure Tallahassee uses the Sadowski Affordable Housing Fund to actually build affordable housing for Florida’s working families.



Board of County Commissioners – District 2

Fredd Atkins

Fredd Atkins for Board of Sarasota County Commissioners - District 2Fredd Atkins was born and raised in Sarasota. Throughout his years of community activism, Fredd served 18 years as a Sarasota City Commissioner and 3 terms as Mayor, becoming the first African American mayor of Sarasota. During his tenure on the City Commission, Fredd Atkins helped change Sarasota into the City many of us take for granted today. From implementing recycling in the City, designating Sarasota Bay a National Estuary, establishing the Mayor’s Feed the Hungry initiative, which to date has raised $3.5 million to feed families in need, to supporting the building of the Ringling Causeway, Fredd’s tenure in office is felt throughout the city. Fredd Atkins carried the current district 2 in 2016, but lost the overall election due to Countywide voting. Fredd Atkins is committed to working for the needs of the residents of Sarasota and not just the wants of the special interest as is the current practice. His ability to work with a diverse array of stakeholders and his depth of Municipal-County relations is uniquely suited to helping address the attainable housing crisis, infrastructure issues, and making sure that average residents are heard at the County Commission. Fredd currently subs at Booker High School and is married to Shelia Atkins, a retired paraprofessional from Alta Vista and is a dad of six and grandfather of 8 and great grandfather of 5.



Board of County Commissioners – District 4

Daniel Kuether

Daniel Kuether for Sarasota County Commission, District 4

Daniel Kuether (Key-Ter) is the Democratic candidates for Sarasota County Commission, District 4. A native of Ohio, Kuether grew up on a family farm. He attended Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, and has spent a decade working in real estate industries, from property management and development to real estate tech.

Daniel Kuether is running to highlight the decades-long failures of the Republican commission, including the continued attempt by the Sarasota County Commission to defy a voter mandate and overthrow the broadly popular Single Member Districts.  Kuether will bring a diverse career in real estate, including years of experience in the complex New York City rent-controlled housing market. The citizens of Sarasota need holistic development that benefits the entire county. If elected, he will push against developers to force systematic change, support multiple forms of transportation, identify and implement affordable housing options, and establish more significant safeguards for the surrounding environment. Environmental impact must be a part of every commission decision rather than just a talking point to get elected. The modern dilemma concerns keeping the barrier islands habitable after monster storms, decreasing waste amidst a massively growing population, and protecting ecosystems from irreversible damage. Daniel moved to Florida in 2018 after meeting his now-husband, Ryan, a Sarasota native. Daniel works as a UX/UI Designer for a real estate tech company.

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Sarasota Charter Review Board

Nancy Simpson

Hailing from Savannah GA, Nancy Simpson has had public service at heart. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would wind up in North Dakota. But she met and fell in love with a soon to be Air Force Officer. Her Husband is a Venice native who graduated from Venice High School and then UCF. They met in Atlanta before Nancy graduated from Georgia State University where she majored in Economics with a minor in Planning & Economic Development. In 2014, they eloped, and their journey began. After separating from the Air Force, they settled down in Sarasota in 2020. Nancy is currently serving as Treasurer for the Manasota Young Dems.


Sarasota City Commission

Vote for 2. Run Off on Nov. 8

Jen Ahearn-Koch voteforjen.org

Debbie Trice DebbieFortheCity.com


Venice City Council, Seat 5

Ron Smith aramisayala.com

Ron Smith for Venice City Council, Seat 5Ron Smith first moved to Venice in 1981 to take a job as the local news editor for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran and served as a prosecuting attorney and a general magistrate for southwest Florida. Ron’s daughter was born at what was then Venice Community Hospital. She is now a prosecuting attorney in her own right. Ron lost hos wife, Jean, to Leukemia in 2020. She was well known in the area as an award-winning fabric artist. Her quilt patterns are sold downtown. Ron is running for Venice City Council because he loves our city and wants to fight to preserve its charm and history. He has been an active community member, hosts trivia nights in downtown Venice and recently played the role of Nathan Radley in the Venice Theatre production of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Florida Attorney General

Aramis Ayala aramisayala.com


Secretary of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs

Naomi Blemur facebook.com/NaomiforFL