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Local Organizations Sponsor Free Community Vaccine Clinics August 28 & 29

As Sarasota County deals with its worst COVID-19 outbreak to date, several local organizations will be sponsoring vaccine clinics next weekend in conjunction with the Sarasota County Department of Health. The clinics will be held on August 28 and 29. The vaccine will be provided for free, and Publix and Walmart gift certificates will be…

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Statement from Sarasota County Democratic Party Chair JoAnne DeVries on Recent School Board Votes for Mask Mandates

We applaud our Sarasota County School Board members who voted in favor of enacting mask mandates to protect the health and lives of our students, school staff, and their families from the ravages of COVID-19. We thank these members for continuing to stand up for the best interests of our children and our community, despite…

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The Executive Board of the Sarasota County Democratic Party, under the leadership of County Chair JoAnne DeVries, joins other county parties around Florida and calls on the Sarasota County School Board to require all staff and students to wear masks and to institute social distancing strategies when schools open on August 10th. It is imperative…

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Venice City Council – Seat 3

Venice City Council Seat 3 – Sandy Sibley Website: Facebook: Email:  November 2, 2021 City of Venice General Election Voter Registration Deadline: Monday, October 4 Early Voting: Monday, October 25 – Saturday, October 30, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. daily Deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed: 5 p.m., Saturday, October 23 Election Day…

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Sarasota County Democratic Senior Caucus

President: Lou Grossman
The Sarasota County Democratic Senior Caucus exists to target the important group of voters aged 65 and over. The Caucus calls attention to many critical issues that impact seniors and their families including Medicare, Social Security, prescription drug prices, ageism, voter suppression and others. Part of the Florida Democratic Party, SCDSC educates people, helps get more seniors registered – and out — to vote. There is no age requirement. All are welcome: those who are seniors and those who want to become seniors.

Sarasota County Democratic Party Supports Asian Americans

The Sarasota County Democratic Party condemns the senseless violence directed at the Asian American community in the Atlanta area this past week, as well as the increasing reports of violence and disrespect shown to our Asian American neighbors and friends nationwide. Sadly, these deaths follow a year-long escalation of xenophobic, hate-filled actions directed at Asian…

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Statement from SCDP re the Acquittal of Donald Trump

On Saturday, forty-three Republican Senators put their political party and their careers ahead of our country and voted to acquit former President Donald Trump. On a hypocritical technicality – and despite the damning evidence presented by the magnificent House impeachment managers – these Senators chose to ignore the most grievous constitutional crime ever committed by…

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Response from Sarasota County Democratic Party Re Domestic Terrorism

The attack on our democracy that took place on January 6, 2021, was the inevitable result of the political poison that has been brewing for years in our political life. When Donald Trump returned early to Washington, D.C., from Florida on New Year’s Eve, we now know that he was returning to stoke a seditious…

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What’s It Going to Be for Florida in 2021?

Do You Know … How Many Floridians Have No Health Insurance? The Kaiser Family Foundation’s recent study tells us nearly 1.1 million people in Florida do not get insurance through work, cannot afford coverage, and are too young for Medicare. That means 5% of our neighbors — have no health insurance smack in the middle…

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