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Example of Press Release (Medicaid for LI Adults)

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Senator Joe Gruters Takes Input From Far-Right Hate Group On Anti-Immigration Bill

The Chair of the Sarasota County Democratic Party blasted State Senator Joe Gruters for relying on input from a far-right racist hate group to draft anti-immigrant legislation now making its way through the Florida Senate. “Joe Gruters relied on the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a group exposed by the Southern Poverty Law Center…

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SCDP Chair JoAnne DeVries Files Election Law Complaint Against Rick Scott

  “Rick Scott is not above the law,” DeVries said in a statement. “He coordinated illegally with his Super PAC, has refused to disclose his secret financial account that would show the extent of his conflicts of interest and now, he is skirting more laws to keep Floridians in the dark on what he’s done…

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