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This Will All Make Sense When Its Over: How Impeachment, 2020 and the Chaos of the Moment Will Save the World

An Evening with John Nichols

The crisis is real, but it’s not Donald Trump. He’s a symptom of something much bigger: a broken politics that fails to address the fundamental challenges of our time: climate change, automation, inequality. Impeaching Trump and then carrying this unapologetic challenge forward into the 2020 election is critical to charting a new course. It’s the fight of our lives because it’s the fight for our lives. If we win it, and we can, then another world really is possible.

John Nichols is a progressive American journalist and author. He is the National Affairs correspondent for The Nation and associate editor of The Capital Times. Books authored or co-authored by Nichols include The Genius of Impeachment and The Death and Life of American Journalism.