Florida Democrats believe that Florida prospers when we all pull together. We see a future where everyone who works hard and plays by the rules can succeed.

We are committed to preserving and expanding the middle class by creating well-paying jobs, by strengthening demand for all that Florida has to offer, and by creating an educated, and skilled workforce.

Instead of favoring political insiders, Democrats will empower small businesses with incentives to create jobs. We will expand training and retraining initiatives for workers to ensure Florida can out-compete other states and other countries. We will strengthen our ports to ensure that Florida remains a center of worldwide commerce far into the 21st century.

A strong middle class can only exist in an economy where everyone plays by the same rules, and that means the culture of Tallahassee has to change. When the politically well-connected get special favors, the middle class — and those struggling to get into the middle class — suffer. Democrats will fight for meaningful ethics reform that drains the special interest swamp in Tallahassee.

Together, Democrats believe that we can create an economy where hard-working Floridians can find a job that pays the bills, where small businesses — not the special interests — can succeed, where a family can own their own home and children can get the high quality education that will let them dream bigger than their parents ever thought possible.