Protecting Our Land and Water

Florida has been known as the Sunshine State for over a century because of our gentle seasons and the natural beauty of our landscape. Millions of people visit Florida every year, and many of them decide that this is the place where they want to raise their families or retire. No sector of our economy is left untouched by the impact of the millions of visitors who decide every year to spend time in Florida. Our land, our water, and our beaches are our state’s greatest economic assets.

Florida Republicans do not understand this basic economic truth, and their disregard for Florida’s natural resources is a reckless threat to our economy. Democrats will stand firm against efforts to weaken Florida’s protection of our land and water. We reject the false choice between economic prosperity and a healthy environment. In Florida, economic strength and environmental health go hand-in-hand.

Florida Democratic Party Environmental Resolutions Passed Unanimously April 2, 2017:


Whereas the Florida Democratic Party and its members are dedicated to electing more candidates to all offices at every electoral level, and to increasing the number of Democratic voters in the state; and

Whereas, 81 % of Floridians think that climate change is occurring, and that Florida is the most vulnerable of all states to sea level rise from climate change; and

Whereas the majority of Florida voters have consistently supported proenvironmental issues in recent years, including passage by 75% of a 2014 constitutional amendment to protect and preserve the state’s water and land, and twice voting decisively to protect access to solar energy; and

Whereas, Florida business and tourism is compatible and synergistic with preservation of the environment; and

Whereas, the continued success of Florida business is directly connected to preservation of the environment;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Florida Democratic Party will integrate environmental values into communications strategies, messaging and support for Democratic candidates at all electoral levels; and

Be it further resolved that the Florida Democratic Party will develop and implement strategies to better engage all environmental voters.

Sarasota Democratic Party Celery Fields Resolution Passed Unanimously March 9, 2017:


Whereas the Celery Fields is an internationally recognized bird sanctuary and wildlife habitat located on Palmer Road due east of Apex Road in Sarasota County,

Whereas the Audubon Society has constructed a popular visitors’ center on Celery Fields grounds attracting tens of thousands of visitors,

Whereas Palmer Road is a two-lane thoroughfare without traffic signals leading east past multiple housing developments,

Therefore, it is resolved that the Sarasota County Democratic Party supports local environmentalists and members of the community opposing any rezoning or sale of public lands at Palmer and Apex Roads for light or heavy industrial use and urges the Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners to designate public lands adjacent to Celery Fields marsh areas as park land and wild-life habitat.