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Above all, elections matter. As your local Sarasota County Democratic Party (SCDP), we would like to keep you informed about any upcoming elections. Your vote makes a difference! 
“GET OUT THE VOTE” – Get On Top Of It!
While we all want to do our part to perform our civic duty, sometimes keeping track of it all can be overwhelming.  Our GOTV subscribers will always be provided timely information and reminded of when and where to vote for upcoming elections.

Legislative Updates, Candidate Information, and Ballot Initiatives – Get Educated!
Ensuring that our subscribers know what legislation is being proposed and how it will affect them, who is running to represent them in office,  and which pieces of legislation to expect on the ballot when it comes time to vote.  The best voter is an informed voter.

Latest SCDP News and Updates – Get Involved!
Want to know who the guest speaker is at the next SCDP meeting?  Interested in the latest Club & Caucus news?  Keeping tabs on the next Kennedy-King or Blue Gala?  Need details on the next candidate or precinct captain training?   We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest from our Democratic Organizations.  

Weekly Events Calendar – Get Active!
Every Sunday you will receive an email listing the upcoming events for the next 2 weeks.  These events include everything from official Democratic Party meetings to Community Events hosted by like-minded organizations.